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World Trimmed

About a week ago, someone on our server decided to walk really far before settling and they jumped our world file up from a manageable 60mb to a woppin’ 130mb!  Well, problem solved, the world has been trimmed at a radius of 1,500 blocks from spawn and an invisible border has been set 1,000 blocks from spawn.  If this creates a problem for anyone, let me know.  Anything that was in the trimmed area can be recovered, but if you need to recover anything from that area, it will need to be relocated.  I’ll use MCEdit to move any structures into the build area.

Check this out, lol

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Congratulations – Level 100!!

Congratulations to Pudding SC for being the 1st to reach level 100 in Mining
Congratulations to RainTiger66 for being the 2nd to reach level 100 in Mining
Congratulations to EvoOni for being the 1st to reach level 100 in Combat

Next time you connect you’ll probably notice the names above have new symbols next to them [M] for mining and [C] for combat.  Not sure what LevelCraft will do when a player has level 100 in more than one class but I’m sure we’ll find out! 🙂

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Minecraft Mob Arena Exploit!

One night, EvoOni, RainTiger66 and PuddingSC decided to play Mob Arena.  They all chose the “oddjob” class and built themselves a nice little shelter on the mob arena floor.  The mobs tried and tried, but could not reach the cowards in their fort of sulfur and nether.

By default, the “oddjob” class has (4) TNT and (2) Netherrack, plenty to work with.  Here is our result, lol..

Now the “oddjob” class only has (1) TNT, but we did add a block of water (very useful), upgraded the stone sword to iron and upgraded the leather helmet to an iron helmet.  Pretty fun class to play with now 🙂

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Cheater Delt With

It’s unfortunate that some players feel the need to exploit bugs or find hacks to get ahead in the world of Minecraft.  If not for greivers, we wouldn’t have a need for half of the plug-ins on our server.  Today one of our members got banned, but we did take care of business.  Here is his house, lol.

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EvoOni GIANT! – by Gretl

Thanks Gretl for the awesome statue!! 😀

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Lava Rain and Mob Slain’

Lava Rain (by EvoOni, Giraffe5434 and RainTiger66)

Mob Fighting!

Giraffe5434 vs Giant

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Minimap is Back!

Most of you probably won’t remember the ZanMinimap, but I did some searching and it is 1.7.3 friendly!  Mine under the ocean and know when it’s safe to come up, or better yet, come up in your own basement!  Wow, I missed this one.. The install is a little tricky but I’ll do my best to simplify it.  Download ZanMinimap 0.10.4 here

(installation instructions also in downloaded readme.txt if you want another version)

1.) download and extract ZanMinimap 0.10.4

2.) press “WindowsKey-R” to pull up RUN

3.) type “%AppData%” press ENTER or click OK

4.) navigate to AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/bin and locate “minecraft.jar”

5.) open “minecraft.jar” with WinRar or WinZip

6.) drag contents of downloaded ZanMinimap archive to open minecraft.jar archive overwriting your “bin” folder.

7.) close everything and start the game.

Once you’re in-game, press “M” to bring up minimap options or press “Z” to change zoom level.

NOTE: After playing with this turned on for a bit, I noticed a significant amount of lag, it’s a handy tool but I would keep the minimap turned off most of the time.

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Texture Pack (EvoOni’s Version)

I modified and combined two of my favorite texture packs, wullah!

Step 1.)Download the Minecraft HD Texture Patcher

Step 2.) Run the Patcher EXE file and click the Patch button toward the bottom.

Step 3.) Download the 64×64 Texture Pack (leave this file zipped, do not extract)

Step 4.) Press WindowsKey-R and type %appdata%, hit ENTER

Step 5.) Navigate to “AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/Texture Packs” and move the downloaded Texture Pack (zipped file) from above to this folder.

Step 6.) Run Minecraft and click Textures and Mods

Step 7.) Select the HD Texture from the list (this may freeze your game for a minute while it applies)

Step 8.) Click DONE and play the game!

NOTE: If this causes your game to display a black screen, you probably missed a step, repeat steps 1-8 above or delete the zipped texture from your AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/Texture Packs folder to change back to the default texture.

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Mob Drops!

Since the bow is so much fun to use I felt it needed to be easier to get arrows.  Mobs drop more now, let the hunting begin!

  • Skeletons 80% chance to drop 8 arrows
  • Zombies 80% chance to drop 4 feathers
  • Creepers 10% chance to drop 1 gold ingot
  • Spiders 10% chance to drop 1 gold ingot
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Lights, Camera, AleBlaba & Gretl!

Updated Cartograph July 15th, 2011

Server Updates and Changes

  • Re-paved town with Double-Slab Stone
  • Added area near lava corner of EvoOni’s castle as a free loot exchange
  • Increased heal rate in town
  • Lowered mob count a little, now we’re just over default
  • Added Items Sandstone, Web and Ice for sale in basement of the brick shop
  • Added user command option /weather sun or /weather storm to start or stop rain/snow.

Live Stream!
If you haven’t checked out yet, make sure you visit AleBlaba’s live Minecraft stream videos with Gretl on Justin.TV!

HD Texture Packs
I recently started using a new ‘rustic’ texture pack and it’s a really nice balance between detail and color.  Try it out, it’s 64 x 64:
[1.7] Ovo’s Rustic Pack v1.2

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