Minecraft Mob Arena Exploit!

One night, EvoOni, RainTiger66 and PuddingSC decided to play Mob Arena.  They all chose the “oddjob” class and built themselves a nice little shelter on the mob arena floor.  The mobs tried and tried, but could not reach the cowards in their fort of sulfur and nether.

By default, the “oddjob” class has (4) TNT and (2) Netherrack, plenty to work with.  Here is our result, lol..

Now the “oddjob” class only has (1) TNT, but we did add a block of water (very useful), upgraded the stone sword to iron and upgraded the leather helmet to an iron helmet.  Pretty fun class to play with now 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Minecraft Mob Arena Exploit!

  1. Gretl

    Omg that’s a goddamn huge mob mess… Good that I don’t like pvp-ing that much :3

  2. RainTiger66

    I still think it was more fun to play with when it had the 2 Netherack and 4 TnT. 😀 I got 4 diamonds with it.

  3. I want to give all the classes a little boost, I feel like Knight and Tank are pretty well balanced but the others are just “meh”. We can create more classes too if anyone has any ideas.

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