New Version, New World, New Plugins Oh My!

Here’s a teaser of the new town we’re building for our next world launching, as you can see the mob arena imported successfuly!  Timmytjoe and I got just about all the plugins working harmoniously with an iffy Bukkit release.  One exciting bit of news is we replaced TradeCraft with iConomy so players can create their own shops with their own pricing!  You also won’t need to store gold anymore, your money is with you always.  Check your balance anytime by typing /money.  We should be ready to launch by the weekend, fingers crossed!!  For now, keep enjoying the temporary world ( but remember that’s only temporary.

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4 thoughts on “New Version, New World, New Plugins Oh My!

  1. RainTiger66

    Aww that’s depressing :3 i wont be able to get on this weekend. I wont be around for the opening of the server.

  2. RainTiger66

    But!! I the server’s gonna be awesome xD

  3. Don’t sweat it, if stable versions of our plugs aren’t released soon server won’t be launched this weekend. We had some serious crashing last night.

  4. Gretl

    Hope to see your server open soon 🙂 My main server got closed due to the lack of money, as hosters announced =\

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