New World Launch TONIGHT!! v1.8.1

New World 9/18/2011

IP Address,

Server will be operating on white-list from previous world.

NOTICE: Server has new anti-cheat measures, if you cheat on this server (yes this includes xray) you will be banned permanently. Consider THIS your only warning.

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3 thoughts on “New World Launch TONIGHT!! v1.8.1

  1. Gretl

    Evo you should reduce the enemy and animal amount to the standarts since 1.8 is very laggy itself… And when I tried to test your clean world today I barely could work since there are like 50 sheep spawning around me and it just cracks my notebook up! 😦

  2. Agreed, there are wayyy too many animals, it was even lagging for me last night when I found a field with 10 bajillion sheepies. Good thing I had my sheers handy, I walked away with 140+ wools 😀 I forwarded your message to timmytjoe, he’s hosting the server now on a connection 5 times faster than what I was using. I’m sure the lag will get even better once he shuts down his other temp server on port 25564.

  3. Gretl

    Thanks Evo 🙂 And yeah I think he could already have done this since not that many people are trying to visit the standart new port oO

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