How to Create a Chest Shop

How to create a ChestShop?
– Place a chest, if you haven’t already.
– Place a sign 1 block near the chest (for example, above the chest)
– On the sign, write:
First line will be filled in with your name automatically, leave blank.
Second line is the quantity you want the shop to use. (Example: 64)
Third line, (Price) is a combination of buy and sell price. (Example: 10 : 5)
If you only want to BUY, just put the price for your quantity (Example: 10)
If you only want to SELL, type B colon sell price (Example: B : 5)
Fourth line is the item ID or item name.
For example:
means that AcrobotPL wants to sell 64 diamonds for 10 dollars, and buy them back from you for 5 dollars.
Also, if you put “free” instead of price, it is free to buy or sell :)
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