New Mall, Claim Your Suite!

Tonight a mall was born!  Created by EvoOni and Giraffe5434 with help from loldudeman and Cole0.  The mall is 2 levels with room to expand to a third if needed.  Each level has 8 suites, the mall has 16 suites total, each suite has a wood floor and has open space editable dimensions of 7W x 7L x 4H.  To claim your suite, contact an admin.

ADMINS, to place a suite in players name type the following command:
/regios set-owner s110 USER
This means Suite 110 will now belong to USER.  You can test by simply walking into suite and reading the welcome message that appears on your screen.  All suites belong to EvoOni until changed.  Each player can have 1 suite, if we run out of suites we’ll expand the mall.  Please DO NOT modify any part of the mall that isn’t included in your suite and DO NOT modify any blocks shared with other suites.  For example, the lower suites can replace their floors but the upper suites cannot because they would be modifying the lower suite’s ceiling.  All walls are shared so if you want your own wall material, built it out in front of the wall of your suite.  Check out existing suites for ideas, my suite is open concept, low product count.  Giraffe’s suite is created to optimize the space for max product presentation.  OK, I’m tired, bedtime.. enjoy the mall! 😀

EvoOni's Suite 170

Giraffe's Suite 180

Cole0's Suite 120

VACANT Suites 130 & 140

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