Toddler Minecraft, Creative World for Kids!


My son just turned 3 (Addison) and like his old man, he is into Minecraft, I knew this day would come.  Anyway, I re-launched the old server with a lot less plugins and in CREATIVE mode.  The IP Address is:

Don’t build anything you care about, my 3 year old likes to knock stuff down.  No whitelist, no rules, we’ll see how it goes.  No swearing should be an obvious one but I can run plugins for that and I’m pretty sure my son can’t read yet anyway so no worries.  I’ll probably end up resetting the world every week or so because I’d imagine toddlers can really inflict some world damage if they set their little minds to it.

Obviously the rest of this website needs to be updated, give it time, I’ll get around to it 😉

I’d say good age group for this server will be 2-7 but if you want to drop in and play “jump around with the toddlers” from time to time feel free.  He gets pretty excited when he sees anything move, lol.

**UPDATE** After opening the server to the public for about an hour, 15-20 people joined at different times and the new world is showing signs of life! 🙂

ROFL.. moments later, the problem with public servers


and then.. ok ok, looks like I’m going to have to do some admin lockdown, bummer, I really wanted to keep this wide open.  😦

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