Minecraft, New World on Dedicated Host!

IP Address:

TeamSpeak Address, don’t have TS?  Get it here:

Request to be whitelisted here.

RULES: This is a ‘no warning’ server, if anyone is caught grieving or cheating.. or heck, even suspected of grieving or cheating they are getting the INSTA-BAN HAMMER.  I’m not going to mess around with accusations, drama, finger pointing, etc.. New policy is when in doubt press BAN.  There’s no shortage of responsible players who would be more than happy to take your place. PVP is allowed, bullying is not. Random occasional killing of another player to take whatever loot he drops is acceptable but killing the same player over and over is not. If you don’t want to be killed on the server, be friendly. My advice to all users, just act like you would in RL and ‘hopefully’ you won’t get killed 😉

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