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NEW Server Host!!

Issue after issue after issue I FINALLY decided to move to a new host.  We moved our 70,000 files from a host single-core CPU and 2,048mb to multiple-core CPU and 3,490mb and so far so great, I can already notice a HUGE difference in performance.

So done with our old host, in the ~2 months I was with them I opened more than 20 support tickets and almost all of them were for the same reasons.  Last Friday they decided to move clients around all afternoon with no notice and lagged the crap out of us for a few hours, then today the server just went “offline” at around 4pm for like 30 minutes with no explanation, just an email apologizing for the inconvenience.  Well, I can only take so much apologizing, I have 20+ emails from them with apologies.  Maybe I should start collecting them.

The old server is still at with TNT enabled and all protections disabled if anyone wants to go have fun, the new server is ALIVE at  The only noticeable change in the world/plugins is I added a 1-second delay when teleporting to reduce combat teleporting, other than that it’s the same server we all know and love.

Mine on!

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Server Review –

Minecraftgb Server

ASRS : 27 / 30
Connection – 5
Population – 5
Admin Presence – 5
Environment – 5
Accessibility – 4
NSFW – 3

Notes: Great server. Loads to do, the OP was well written. Quests, items available for purchase, factions.. factions, lots of factions. Clearly marked and explained.. Very well thought out server world layout. Heres the deal with this server. Its got a lot of users, who obviously realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.. and stay. Very like-able group, couple of the younger users (to be expected). Also, it is worth mentioning the NSFW rating is due to no maturity filter for language. However, also note, the server title and advertisement DOES STATE… “Old Guy Server” I would (for the time being) discourage children under the age of 12 from playing on the server, without first announcing themselves and age for appropriateness.

I would be honored to play on this server.

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Treasure Hunt by mclovinFWMC

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New World 1.3?

I have received MANY questions regarding the new world.  Since I’ve made some decisions already, I figured I’ll tell you what to expect..

What can I bring to the new world?

  • You will keep all of your mcMMO Experience
  • Your earned money (capped at $50,000)
  • A structure from old world (cost  is $400,000)
  • A faction town (cost is $800,000)
    NOTE: Any structures or towns I move will have the chests and items removed

What can I expect in the new world?

  • Same / similar quests (hope we find a mushroom island)
  • Your inventory, armor, weapons will be removed
  • Same spawn area / spawn house
  • Spawn server-shops might go away or just be reduced to promote user shops more.
  • New user chest-shop organization, perhaps a mall safe from PVP with rented units?
  • 100% newly generated world with all added items from 1.3
  • 33% smaller world for more interaction (and conflict)
  • All factions will be disbanded so you’ll need to re-create you faction
  • Similar PVP rules to what we have now

I’ll post on the website with plenty of notice to get prepared for the big move, the last day of this map I might just enable TNT and make a shop where you can buy TNT for $1,000/block from the server, then we can run around destroying/raiding everything for a day like wild animals.

When is this happening?

Keep in mind some of the plugins we use on the server will need to be updated so we might have to live without some features until Bukkit and other plugins release updates.  For this reason, we’ll likely not update the server on the same day 1.3 is released so don’t update your game client until you see the “server running newer version” message, or you see the official post on this website.  Our target launch date is the first week in August.

Did I miss anything?  Have a suggestion or a question?  Ask me here.

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New World Map!

FULL World Map Generated 7/23/2012
Download 80mb PNG file here!

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Wall of Shame, Banned for Hacking/Mods

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New World Map! July 17, 2012

OK, I had to host this baby on MediaFire since it’s over 20,000 pixels wide and 70mb in size, yikes!  With the high-res version you can zoom in really far, it’s pretty awesome.  Sorry, no time to label all the factions, in fact the Dynmap Factions plug isn’t even installed on the server right now sooo yeah, figure it out 😉  At least now we can see where MFKR is right??

Download Here

Low-Res Preview:

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New Diamond Armor Texture!

I created a new Diamond Armor and updated Server Texture Pack (64×64) with a few teaks.

Download Here

Texture Pack name:

  • Added new diamond armor
  • More realistic melon
  • More realistic pumpkin
  • fixed stray pixel on grass
  • fixed stray pixel on diamond sword
  • changed un-mined iron color
  • Updated brewing station
  • More realistic sticky piston

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Party at the Castle Pub

Texture pack by EvoOni.. get it here.

Bar dancing, Doza juggling


DJ err Dealer Doza

Illegal Activities

Doza arrested for drugs

Giraffe Pole Dancing

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Repairing Enchanted Items

Repair weapons, armor or tools by right-clicking on an anvil (Iron Block) with a damaged item.  Items are repaired with the materials used to create the item, for example, repair an iron sword with an iron ingot.  If the item is enchanted, you have a chance to lose or downgrade the enchantment based on your repair level.  Arcane forging/repair levels below..

Rank 1: Repair 100xp

70% keep enchantment, 50% chance enchantment is downgraded

Rank 2: Repair 250xp

80% keep enchantment, 40% chance enchantment is downgraded

Rank 3: Repair 500xp

85% keep enchantment, 30% chance enchantment is downgraded

Rank 4: Repair 750xp

90% keep enchantment, 20% chance enchantment is downgraded

Some players are doing repairs for free in order to level up their REPAIR so if you aren’t a high enough level to repair diamond (50xp), ask around!  Otherwise you might want to pay a higher level repairer to repair your enchanted item for a better chance it keeps it’s mojo.

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