Faction WAR Breaks Out!! :O

Awesome night man!  I registered the server on minecraft-server-list.com last night and in the following hour we gained 20-30 new users.  Looks like we gained around 15-20 permanent residents, welcome! Great to see those kinds of results from a server listing website.

Current Factions

Faction Name               Land / Power / Power Max
Deathclaw                      20/34/200
Assassins                        11/39/100
Avengers                        13/25/40
GBU (admins)              40/40/40
GoGonline                     0/1/40
MFKR                            0/4/20
Immortals                     0/0/20
Peace                              0/7/20

Soon after the flood of new users the desert dwelling Deathclaw faction was formed and just about everyone was joining Deathclaw.  I saw it as my admin duty to declare war against the powerful faction to help keep the server balanced.  Well, many casualties and 3 diamonds of payment later the two factions made peace.  Money does solve everything after all.

With the Deathclaw faction low on power they were unable to protect all of their land and a mysterious traveler made it their business to taunt the powerful faction.  Deathclaw called faction GBU to aid them and the two factions were eventually able to bring the traveler to a swift justice-by-sword.  All was peaceful in the land once again, I slept good last night 😉

I heard rumors of a new up and coming faction known as OUTLAWS, can’t wait, this should be interesting 🙂

NOTE: I doubled the power per member for all factions so you will be able to claim and protect more land.

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