Climbing the TNT Tower of Prosperity

I noticed some users had crazy-high balances, like leaps and bounds above everyone else so I did a little investigating and discovered the value of TNT was set as 10,000 so users were crafting TNT in order to sell and get rich quick.  As this completely skews the balance of money on the server I decided to reduce the value of TNT to $1,000 per block.  For all the users who partook in this wonderful get-rich-quick scheme (there were 10 of you), I removed all money you received from TNT sales from your balances then added $1,500 for each TNT sold.  I’m sure many of you were going out of your way to obtain the materials needed for TNT so I think a $500 bonus per TNT sold is reasonable.  If this equation would bring your account balance below $10,000, I set your balance at $10,000.

I apologize for this oversight, I should have looked over the prices in the worth.yml file more carefully before I launched the server but I was excited to get this baby online.

Other Changes:
– Increased the value of a goldblock from $400 to $1,000
– Removed ability to sell pumpkins to server
– Removed ability to sell ink_sacks to server

Current Top Balances

(after TNT adjustment)
1. DaDoza
2. giraffe5434
3. EvoOni
4. nodask
5. homefree
6. visualkai
7. McGrupp
8. theirishfan
9. mclovinfwmc
10. madjamjar
11. l4dkurts2
12. taconinja15
13. caleb1040
14. cald002
15. shotime30
16. bonesm99
17. kirbywavern
18. kittykat95
19. tehwafflez
20. thatguy11223

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