Bounty Hunters, the Hunt is on!

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve added Bounty Hunting to the server.  Type /bounty for a full list of commands in-game.

Bounty Commands

/bounty – list of bounty commands
/bounty list – list of current bounty postings
/bounty view – view your current accepted bounties
/bounty accept <target> – accept a bounty job
/bounty abandon <target> – abandon current bounty hunt
/bounty new <target> <value> – create bounty on player
/bounty cancel <target> – cancels bounty on player
/bounty locate <target> – approximate location of your target

Peaceful Faction Status, $20K/week

In lieu of this new plugin, I’ve removed peaceful status from all factions on the server (sorry in advance!).  If your faction wants peaceful status it will need to come up with $20,000/week payable to any admin, admins will dump this money in a black hole and make your faction peaceful.  Peaceful status means no players can kill any members of your faction, members of your faction can’t kill other players and land can’t be claimed from your faction.  I suggest dividing this expense among members of your faction, for example, if your faction has 4 members, they should each chip in $5,000/week.

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One thought on “Bounty Hunters, the Hunt is on!

  1. mclovinFWMC

    Well, this is a GAME CHANGER! Can’t wait to get on and check it out. This server is one of the best for legit players

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