Server Review –

Minecraftgb Server

ASRS : 27 / 30
Connection – 5
Population – 5
Admin Presence – 5
Environment – 5
Accessibility – 4
NSFW – 3

Notes: Great server. Loads to do, the OP was well written. Quests, items available for purchase, factions.. factions, lots of factions. Clearly marked and explained.. Very well thought out server world layout. Heres the deal with this server. Its got a lot of users, who obviously realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.. and stay. Very like-able group, couple of the younger users (to be expected). Also, it is worth mentioning the NSFW rating is due to no maturity filter for language. However, also note, the server title and advertisement DOES STATE… “Old Guy Server” I would (for the time being) discourage children under the age of 12 from playing on the server, without first announcing themselves and age for appropriateness.

I would be honored to play on this server.

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One thought on “Server Review –

  1. mclovinFWMC

    Congrats on the good review. They were spot on it the review. You have a great server and a good group of users

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