NEW Server Host!!

Issue after issue after issue I FINALLY decided to move to a new host.  We moved our 70,000 files from a host single-core CPU and 2,048mb to multiple-core CPU and 3,490mb and so far so great, I can already notice a HUGE difference in performance.

So done with our old host, in the ~2 months I was with them I opened more than 20 support tickets and almost all of them were for the same reasons.  Last Friday they decided to move clients around all afternoon with no notice and lagged the crap out of us for a few hours, then today the server just went “offline” at around 4pm for like 30 minutes with no explanation, just an email apologizing for the inconvenience.  Well, I can only take so much apologizing, I have 20+ emails from them with apologies.  Maybe I should start collecting them.

The old server is still at with TNT enabled and all protections disabled if anyone wants to go have fun, the new server is ALIVE at  The only noticeable change in the world/plugins is I added a 1-second delay when teleporting to reduce combat teleporting, other than that it’s the same server we all know and love.

Mine on!

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