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Minecraft Server /help updated!

I’ve updated the /help pages to be straight forward and clear.  Enjoy!

Place a Chest to claim your land.
Use stick to check claim area.
Use gold shovel to adjust claim area.
/sethome Set home
/home Teleport home
/spawn Teleport to spawn
/back Teleport back to previous location
/bal Check your balance
/pay <player> <amount> Pay a player
/worth Value of item in your hand
/sell hand Sell everything in your hand
/job stats Show your accepted jobs and levels
/trust <player> Trust a player in your area
/untrust <player> UnTrust a player in your area
/tpa <player> Request teleport to a player

We use Discord to talk.  If you have a mic, join us on Discord!

Don’t have Discord?  Download it here:

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5 Years Later.. WE’RE BACK! Minecraft Server Online

Guest what??  We took a 5-year break but we’re back!  I re-launched the server primarily for my 8-year-old son and his friends, but you’re welcome to join!

The IP Address is


/help for a list of commands.  Server is running in survival mode with the latest version of Spigot (you don’t need to download anything special).  We’ve added NPCs with quests, a small shop in town, jobs and grief protection with land claiming.  Enjoy!

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