Goodbye :,(

We shut’er down, sorry everyone!  Moved on to other things.

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Server Status

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Bukkit Released v1.3.1!!

Server is updated with the latest Recommended build by Bukkit for v1.3.1 (build 2317).  Awesome!!  I’ll do some testing tonight to see if we can launch vault which enables plugins like economy, bounties, quests, slots, etc.., but we might have to wait for the plugins to update.  At least we’re stable on v1.3.1 now, woohooo! 🙂

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Easy Server Win!

New listing website with not a lot of votes yet, we’re already ranked near the top, vote for our server and bump us even higher!

Vote Here!

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A New World (v1.3.1)

click to enlarge

Some of you expressed interest in playing World 11 in single player, you can download it here.

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Version 1.3.1 (finally!!)

Thanks Zeke, Nico and Giraffe for all the help tonight!! 😀

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Vote on Next 1.3.1 World!

Tonight we generated and explored (11) new worlds for 1.3.1.  Thanks for Phaed, MooMoo and Zeke for the help.  These previews are limited as they are only the region near spawn, but they are enough to make a decision.  We basically ran in opposite directions till we got hungry.  You can see on some of them we got lost from time to time but for the most part I think these turned out great!

Download and discuss on our thread, the thread is here.

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Selecting a New World!

Tonight on TeamSpeak we will be selecting a new world.  I’ll provide the “test address” on TeamSpeak later tonight, I’ll be generating the worlds on a server hosted from my house so it will be my IP Address.  I plan to generate 4-6 worlds so we can pick our favorite, I’ll need help (explorers) to head in all directions so we can see how the world generates.  This will be for version v1.3.1, if you don’t know how to revert your version back to v1.2.5 I don’t recommend updating to v1.3.1 to you join us because it will still be a few days before the new world is up and running with 1.3.1.  If you already updated to v1.3.1 you’ve got nothing to lose so see you on TeamSpeak!  TeamSpeak Address:

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Not Now! (we need Bukkit 1.3.1)

When you launch Minecraft you will be promted to update.  Make sure you click Not Now.  If you update, you will not be able to play on the server until the server is updated and this will likely be a couple days from now, I’ll post here when I know more.  Before I can even begin testing/configuring server for 1.3 (step 1), I need a stable version of Bukkit.  Check Bukkit 1.3 progress here.

Bukkit Twitter updates here.

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NEW Server Host!!

Issue after issue after issue I FINALLY decided to move to a new host.  We moved our 70,000 files from a host single-core CPU and 2,048mb to multiple-core CPU and 3,490mb and so far so great, I can already notice a HUGE difference in performance.

So done with our old host, in the ~2 months I was with them I opened more than 20 support tickets and almost all of them were for the same reasons.  Last Friday they decided to move clients around all afternoon with no notice and lagged the crap out of us for a few hours, then today the server just went “offline” at around 4pm for like 30 minutes with no explanation, just an email apologizing for the inconvenience.  Well, I can only take so much apologizing, I have 20+ emails from them with apologies.  Maybe I should start collecting them.

The old server is still at with TNT enabled and all protections disabled if anyone wants to go have fun, the new server is ALIVE at  The only noticeable change in the world/plugins is I added a 1-second delay when teleporting to reduce combat teleporting, other than that it’s the same server we all know and love.

Mine on!

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